Australia One Step Away From Plain Cigarette Packaging

Australia One Step Away From Plain Cigarette Packaging

It has come to light that the Australian government has moved a bit closer towards completing its project of plain packaging of cigarettes. It has been revealed that if the bill is passed than the tobacco company product will be banned from banning their products.

The bill has been sent to the upper house where its feasibility would be judged. The bill was introduced with the aim of reducing the number of smokers. If passed, the bill will be imposed upon the country nest year.

The plain packaging means that the usual cigarette packs will be sold in packet of olive-green with health warnings. The packaging with health warning would show as to what extent smoke can affect gums, eyes and most importantly, its affect kids.

It is for the very first time when something like plain packaging as been introduced to convey the message that smoking is injurious to health. However, the critics of the bill say that the plan of plain packaging would make the giant tobacco manufacturer furious.

Besides, it has been revealed that many countries are planning of following Australia’s move of combating smoke. But they are fearsome that the step might affect profit.

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