DHB CEO Supports Dunedin Hospital’s Administration Staff

DHB CEO Supports Dunedin Hospital’s Administration Staff

According to reports, following the controversy related with the clinical and non-clinical administration's annual objective reports, the Southern DHB supervisor and the CEO Brian Rousseau accounted that in order to give some important clarifications about the case; he would be meeting the Deputy Director of the National Health Board commission Michael Hundleby.

However, he further asserted that all the claims made by the case's supervisory body were bogus and he strongly supported both the health staff and commented that it was not a good thing to point fingers at such a dedicated staff, who determinedly worked for the enhancement of the community health services.

Meanwhile, the supervisor added, "Whilst I agree with many of the recommendations, I am disappointed that the body of the report unfairly targets both clinical and non-clinical leadership of the DHB, who work tirelessly to improve services to our community".

On the other hand, while giving a statement about accuracy of the controversial report, Michael Hundleby said that certainly some issues in the reports were not valid for the investigation but still all the other proposals in the reports were true.

In the meantime, both the chiefs announced an approval on the fact that spending more time on the report debate, for sure was a total wastage of time.

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