Brown Meat: A New Weapon to Fight Obesity

Brown Meat: A New Weapon to Fight Obesity

For the very first time, Australian researchers have developed brown fat which could burn to produce heat. The researchers are of the opinion that the brown meat will not make one fat, and thus, it will prove helpful in fighting obesity.

It has been informed that by consuming 50 gram of white meat one gain about 300 kilocalories however, if same amount of brown meat is consumed then it burns 500 calories. Researchers have invented the brown meat in the laboratory by using stem cells biopsied from adults. The researchers have informed that for the invention of the meat the researchers used the PET-CT scans over 3,000 people.

The invention of Australian scientists has brought a ray of hope for creating a healthier meat which tastes flawless as well. The brown fat could be used as weapon against obesity. Millions of kids in the US and other countries are obese. There future will remain in darkness unless and until steps are not taken to improve their health.

Dieting is not healthier way for kids to lose weight; they need nutrition and vitamins since they’re growing. Therefore, brown meat will be best suitable for them. Besides, it is necessary to exercise regularly as it keeps one fit.

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