Girl, 3, Addicted to Eating Inedible Stuffs

Girl, 3, Addicted to Eating Inedible Stuffs

In what would certainly turn out to be one of the most bizarre, dreadful and absolutely unusual event, a three-years-old girl Natalie Hayhurst is apparently battling a massively dodgy and uncommon infirmity, known as Pica in medical parlance. The girl is reportedly enduring a desperate hankering period, wherein she is longing for inedible stuffs.

Experts have revealed that because of the atypical disorder being faced by the naive girl, she is encountering odd craving for consuming inedible, dangerous items such as plants, bricks, rock and sometimes, even light bulb strikes her fancy.

Because of her sensitive age, Natalie is not efficiently able to surmount her desperation in order to overcome these strong urges. However, she is extremely watchful that by eating such inedible items like light bulbs and all, her life can be threatened.

For now, three-year-old Natalie is continuously scrutinized by her elder brother and other members of her family, since it is quite evident that there is an extremely high risk of death or poisoning due to intake of fatal inedible stuffs. Natalie's family members have revealed their anxiousness over her sensitive condition, and said that they have to remain watchful every moment to scrutinize what Natalie is eating.

They revealed that the most apprehensive case in point was when Natalie ate a light bulb, after which she was rushed to hospital for undergoing a decisive, crisis surgery meant for eradicating the light-bulb-glass from her belly.

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