McGill Researchers Put On Dancing Shoes

McGill Researchers Put On Dancing Shoes

McGill's Goodman Cancer Research Centre researchers took off their lab coats and picked up dancing shows in order to make dance video in which they have showed the things being done in the centre. This novel method was adopted to attract people as well as to raise funds, as this video has been posted on You Tube and every like would get them money from their sponsor Medicom.

It was joint effort taken by some renowned scientists, lab assistants and other professionals in which they have danced to the tune of Taio Cruz. In its first week, the video has got 27,000 likes. Medicom which is an official video partner has helped them to make this video and every like would make Medicom to donate money for cancer research.

Director of the Centre, Michel Tremblay was of the view that they had great fun while shooting for this video but it was a big responsibility as their effort was meant for a noble cause. He also thanked Director Heidi Berger for his co
-operation and also appreciated efforts made by his team.

Working of the research centre was shown and backdrop was devoted to the music of Taio Cruz's Dynamite.

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