Case Cries Out for Inquest

Case Cries Out for Inquest

It has recently been revealed that no inquest will be conducted into the death of two children from Wallaceburg who were recently killed when their grandmother intentionally drove her car into a river, when the kids were sitting inside.

According to reports, an investigation appeal made by the family of the two kids, Tyler Bernard, 10, and Taiya Talbot, 6, has been denied. However, the family is still keen on the concept of probing the death, as it is likely to connect the incident with the mental health therapy Jane LaMarsh underwent ahead of murdering her grandchildren.

Earlier last month, the 50-year-old woman pleaded guilty to second-degree killing and was later sentenced for life in prison. LaMarsh now has no prospect of parole for next 10 years, and she has accepted driving her car into “the icy waters” of Sarnia’s St. Clair River on December 3, 2009.

LaMarsh, who reportedly has a 15-year record of depression and mental disorder, is apparently seeking help and was threatening to commit suicide before the dreadful incident came her way.

Dr. Richard Mann, a regional coroner reviewed her case and concluded that it fails to meet the criteria for conducting an official probe as per Sections 20 and 41 of the Coroner's Act.

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