UVA Rays More Harmful Than UVB

UVA Rays More Harmful Than UVB

A recent study, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, states that exposure to UVA rays through tanning beds can result in severe consequences.

Various researches have already proved that UVB rays, if exposed to human body, can results in serious skin related problems. The study, conducted by Prof. Antony Young from King's College London, reveals that direct exposure to UVA rays results in causing harm to DNA in the skin.

The researchers conducted a study on 12 participants, where the participant were observed and compared for side effects on exposure to UVB and UVA rays. The UVB causes burns on the upper layer of the skin, but UVA effects the underneath layers of the skin, thereby increasing the risk of various forms of cancer.

As per Prof. Antony Young, "Damage to the upper layers is not so important because those layers are in the process of dying, whereas damage to a dividing cell is more worrying".

In order to avoid harmful effects of sun rays, medical experts suggest application of sunscreens which have at least SPF 33. Also, people who receive sunlight through car sunroofs and windows were protected against UVB rays but were being harmed with UVA rays.

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