Vampire Woman Performs 200 Hours Community Work


The vampire woman, who was the main culprit of attacking a teenager, was released without any charges.

However, the main reason behind her release was that she was asked to perform at least 200-hour community work.

The whole issue came to limelight after the teenager, who was brutally attacked on the chest and the arms by a 20 year old lady.

When the case reached court, the accused lady felt guilty for her inhuman act and requested judge to leave her without facing any conviction charges and after doing the promised 200 hour community works and by writing an apology letter to the teenager, she was set free from her punishment.

The attack reports further accounted that the attack was so brutal that the boy has to suffer deep wounds and was hospitalized. Later he suffered some serious infection.

With all these procedures, the lady was also ordered to pay an amount of $400 in compensation.

Commenting on the issue, John Miller, the accuse woman’s lawyer said, "She was just on the periphery of this and just new in the country and got caught up with the wrong people”.

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