Fonterra Gets Green Signal for Extra Loading

Fonterra Gets Green Signal for Extra Loading

Fonterra, the world's biggest dairy products exporter, is truly following to its tag line, which says `we are not jack of all trades, but master of one, dairy'.

A New Zealand-based Dairy Company owned by almost 10,500 NZ dairy farmers is taking its job quite seriously and would be exporting an extra 1.2 million litres of milk as they have got permission to extend the load limit for some time. Giving more information about the approval, Gary Romano, who is the Managing Director of Fonterra Trade & Operations, said that till December, they have got license from the government to load and export an additional 45 tonnes of milk.

It is big news for the company as they could increase their revenue and credits the weather, which would prevent the milk from curdle. Gary further affirmed, "A one tonne increase in our operating weight means every tanker can collect an additional 1,000 litres of milk on every run. With 450 tankers on the road during peak production, that's a big help".

The increase in weight means that tankers should be redesigned, so there is no problem in loading and supplying the milk and for that special tankers would be made, which would ease the job of drivers.

Getting approval for the extra loading doesn't puts an end to the job as many other factors would have to be taken in to consideration, like avoid any traffic flow, any damage to the product while transporting it.

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