Bedford Hospital Pays £12,000 Per Week To Locums

Bedford Hospital Pays £12,000 Per Week To Locums

Bedford Hospital is not denying the fact that they have to save £12million in a year as per the target given by the NHS, but they also could not deny the fact that they have to pay £12,000 per week to locums.

The amount is equivalent to annual salary of nurses working in the Bedford. The amount got disclosed in a meeting, which was being addressed by its Chief Executive Joe Harrison.

Open forums are part of the hospital's working, where employees are free to ask questions and clear their doubts. There is no restriction on the side of an employee to clear his doubt and he could ask anything, which is troubling him.

Harrison said there is no doubt that consultation fee of locums is quite high, but amount stands nowhere at the time of need. He further affirmed that though they do not call locums easily, if there is an emergency then they have to call them.

Severity of the condition makes agency to charge high amounts from them and hospital has to pay for I, said Harrison. Harrison said, 'We try to avoid using high-cost locum doctors, but in some instances it is necessary, despite the high amount agencies charge, to ensure we can continue to offer that service to patients'.

John O'Connell from the Taxpayers' Alliance was of the view that one thing, which needs cut is over generous rewards being paid to provisional staff members. The Department of Health while supporting John affirmed that hospitals should try to mange by themselves and use of locums, should be minimum.

Harrison in his defense said that they are looking ways to cut the cost and for that they are trying to associate with low-cost agencies. But things take time and they are sure that they would be able to save the target amount in one year.

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