Sleep Disorders Might Have a Cure Soon

Sleep Disorders Might Have a Cure Soon

It has been recently revealed that there might soon be a cure found for insomnia. Many people across the world keep tossing and turning on their beds while the others enjoy a peaceful sleep full of rest. It was recently revealed by an Indian-origin scientist that he shall soon reveal a cure for insomnia.

He is from the Boston University and has developed a possible cure for sleeplessness together with his colleagues. He has been able to reveal that a brain enzyme called calcium Kinase is responsible for sleep. The reason that a person may experience sleeplessness is the excess of this enzyme.

It was further revealed that when an experiment was conducted on the same on rats, it was found that when this enzyme lacked in them, they slept more.

Similarly when the dosage of the same enzyme was increased in these rats, they were able to stay awake for a longer time.

"The ultimate goal of my research is to deepen the understanding of how sleep is regulated at the cellular level, which could lead to finding the causes and cures for a variety of sleep disorders", he revealed.

It is essential that a potential cure is found for the disease because it might tend to affect a person in many ways. One might tend to become lethargic and lazy due to lack of sleep, and wouldn't be able to concentrate on work the next day. This type of routine upsetting might lead to a number of ailments in due course of time.

Sleep is extremely essential for the body, and there is need for one and all to maintain a healthy sleep pattern in order to day fit and healthy. It is essential that one eats well and sleeps at the right time at night, so that they can wake up on time.

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