Australia Asylum System Adopts Lenient Role

Australia Asylum System Adopts Lenient Role

There are many reasons for self-harming at the Immigration Detention Centre and one such reason became a cause of self-harm for an Afghan resident, who took this step at the Pontville Immigration Detention Centre.

He was immediately taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital psychiatric unit and is said to be safe with no physical injuries.

There are many reasons for committing self-harm, but two reasons, which stand out among them are tension of family members and status of their visa, said Emily Conolon from the Tasmanian Asylum Seeker Support Network.

The Federal Government said though it is one of the case in the long list of incidents, they have started their immigration detention network, in which they are releasing asylums into the community so they could arrange their visas.

These refugees would be sent through boat, but by 2012, the government is going to initiate new plan in which they would provide air services for refugees. But these services would only be provided if authorities concerned would be satisfied with reason of choosing airways over boat.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees welcomed the move and affirmed the decision to be the first step to vanish the feeling of discrimination. This would not only finish the feeling of bias, but would also strengthen the credibility of the asylum system in Australia.

Complete relaxation has not been given, said the Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, who further affirmed laws would not change for Christmas Island.

Christmas Island would remain to have its own separate rules and this decision has given birth to another controversy. Authorities concerned said their majority of relaxation rules are overturned by the Federal Magistrates Court.

Bowen said, ‘With the legislative impasse and the resulting move towards greater community placement, there is no longer any benefit to parallel processing arrangements for offshore entry persons’.

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