Algonquin Hotel to Halt Movement of Cats in Its Lobby

Algonquin Hotel to Halt Movement of Cats in Its Lobby

For the first time in last eight decades, a ban over movement of cats at New York City’s Algonquin Hotel has been imposed. It has been informed that from now onwards, pet cats won’t be allowed to roam in the eating area where food is served to the guests.

A ban over the movement of cats has been imposed by the Health Department. On Wednesday, health officials found cats fur in meal. As changes have been brought, the hotel’s guest cat Matilda III has been put on leash.

The cat will remain leashed unless and until she learns that roaming in the lobby, where the Algonquin Hotel serves food, is allowed only for humans. These days, the health authorities have turned stricter as they are imposing hefty fines on the restaurants for minute violation.

While acknowledging the step taken by the Health Department, the General Manager of Algonquin, Gary Budge said, “We certainly respect the Department of Health and their mission to protect the public. They make it clear that animals are not to be in food-service areas… we have restricted (Matilda) to the arrival area, the reception desk, and the coat room”.

The Hotel Algonquin is famous for roaming of cats in the lobby. Since 1932, it is the first time when a stray cat was allowed to search for food and to stay by the owner Frank Case. The tradition was kept upbeat till orders of the Health Department.

From now onward, though cats won’t be allowed to roam in the lobby area in search of food, they will be welcomed by the Hotel. Gary Budge said that the guests of the hotel are missing the cheerful Matilda III who used to roam around in the lobby.

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