48-Year-Old Comes Back To Life after Declared Dead

48-Year-Old Comes Back To Life after Declared Dead

A case of a 48-year-old, of Brickfield Lane, Holmfield, Halifax, returning from death has been capturing the interest of one and all. It has been told that Barry Tate came back to life after he went clinically dead suffering a heart attack.

As per reports, the man had reported some problem of indigestion and a burning in his chest on October 31. Overlooking that, he cycled for eight miles to work, but lost his consciousness within next 10 minutes. Though two people came forward to help him out, he had stopped breathing by then.

The next 45 minutes were crucial as paramedics used a defibrillator to revive his dead heart, and managed to find a pulse in the last attempt. The man was put in a medically induced coma at Leeds General Infirmary. The chances of his revival were bleak but after the long wait of seven days, he was seen smiling to see his wife. His wife Sue Tate, of Halifax, is short of words to express her happiness to see her partner alive.

"I swear I've never had a feeling like it. It was the happiest emotion I've ever felt in my life", she said after he saw her husband alive. The team of doctors and nurses is still in shock about what they have experienced. This was no less than a miracle for doctors and even for his wife who was on top of the world after she saw her husband smiling after he regained consciousness.

The man is told to have healthy lifestyle but this incident has certainly jolted him for once. It has been further confirmed that he's on the way to recovery now, though he's having some problem with his memory and at times, his speech is not that clear.

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