Should Terminally Ill Patients Be Given Right To Die?

Should Terminally Ill Patients Be Given Right To Die?

Should people be allowed to take final call to end their life if their health persists? Perhaps yes on human grounds but a big no in legal purview. There has been a case of a terminally ill woman which is being getting attention of one and all. It has been told that the 63-year-old woman is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The diseases is said to make the life of its victims miserable and a person cannot survive more than 3 to 5 years.

Gloria Taylor is fighting the case to get permission to let her die. However, the final call is yet to be taken on the same. Instead of living a miserable life for the rest of the days left, the woman wants to get a peaceful death. There have been countries where medically assisted deaths are legal, inclduing Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the U. S. states of Washington and Oregon. However, many others countries are yet to make it legal.

The B. C. Supreme Court saw family members of the woman on Thursday supporting the plea. As per her lawyer, Joe Arvay, the woman wants to die with dignity instead of bearing the burden of her body. Earlier, even abortion was not legal, but later on, it was realized to make it legal and same is the case with physician-assisted death.

If there is no scope for a person to survive for longer then, there must be some way out for them to choose if they wish to live or die. It has known that prior to this case, there was a case of Sue Rodriguez who had been suffering from the same disease in 1993. At that time also, the Supreme Court of Canada had refused to give the legal right to die to the woman and that made the women to commit suicide later. It’s being believed that final arguments would be made on Monday.

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