Stop Brainwashing Kids, Says Fox

Stop Brainwashing Kids, Says Fox

Disney’s new movie "The Muppets" is now a hot topic for discussion, especially for Fox Business Channel but unfortunately, it’s not for any sort of good reasons.

The name of the villain in the movie is Tex Richman, which in realty, is oil baron and in the movie also it shown as an oilman who wants to destroy the Muppets theatre so he could drill oil from there. This has led Fox to ask a question that whether it is deliberately done to show hatred towards American oil companies or it is just the part of storyline.

Without getting any clarifications from Disney, the Fox has taken its stand and has termed Disney’s act to be a deliberate move to brainwash children’s mind. But, they have asked Disney to keep such issues away from kids as they are quite young to understand such things.

These children are not able to take their stand and there is great possibility that they agree with what has been shown in the movie and keep that hatred in real life too. Fox Channel’s host Eric Bolling said this has not happened for the first time as for the last 10 years, Hollywood has left no stone unturned to malign oil companies.

There is no reason for which they should be envious of American Oil Companies, said Bolling except, one that is they do not like corporate America. Dan Gainor, of the conservative Media Research Center, was accompanying Bolling.

Gainor took a few names to support Bolling’s statement that it is not the first time when directors have targeted American oil companies. Some of the names he took were Cars 2, Syriana and There Will Be Blood.

It is only Hollywood which hates corporate America and not arrest of America and that is the reason that “Occupy Wall Street” movement is in static position.

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