Experts Suggest Offering Flu Vaccine Orally

Experts Suggest Offering Flu Vaccine Orally

After concluding the findings a latest research, experts have suggested offering flu vaccine orally as compared to traditional method in the arm. In addition, they insisted that it will surely improve its efficiency.

The experts have highlighted than an antigen named matrix protein can be identified in the flu shots. During the study, experts observed that when this particular protein is governed under the tongue of mice, it significantly prevented mice from developing the flu virus, as well as it stimulated their lung immunity to a noteworthy level.

As per reports, the team of researchers from International Vaccine Institute, South Korea, has expressed enthusiasm on carrying further experiments with oral vaccine. The experts have marked the latest study findings as strong evidence for depicting attributes of oral flu vaccine as compared to flu shots.

“Students can prevent the spread of the flu and other diseases by washing their hands and not sharing food and drinks with each other”, added nurse Stacy Parsons, while commenting on the study findings. Simultaneously, it has been reported that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended receiving flu vaccine and notified that it will be made available in a short span of time to combat the peak flu season in January and February. People with severe health complications, such as asthma, are directed to receive the flu shot.

In a statement, CDS officials confirmed that the vaccination tends to impart no or rare negative impact while marking redness, soreness, and swelling as minor effects occurring at the site, soon after taking the shot. Although, they insisted on consulting physician in case they need any sort of help. Sources have confirmed that flu shots are available throughout school in the region.

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