New Galaxy Which Produces Stars Enormously Fast

New Galaxy Which Produces Stars Enormously Fast

It has been recently revealed by scientists that one galaxy, which is very far from ours, is churning out starts, at a crashing fast rate. It was revealed by a team of scientists from the University of California. This discovery was made by Barham Mobasher from Riverside, with his student Hooshang Nayyeri.

It was further revealed that they used Hubble Space and NASA Spitzer telescopes to make this discovery. The name of the galaxy is GN-108036 and it is the brightest one that has been found so far, at such a long distance. It was further revealed that this galaxy is as many as 12.9 billion light years away.

It was further revealed that the information from these telescopes was used for the measurement of the high star production rate of the galaxy, which is equivalent to 100 suns every year.

Also it was revealed that the Milky Way Galaxy which is about 100 times huger than the GN-108036, but it still tends to produce about 30 times lesser stars each year.

“The high rate of star formation found for GN-108036 implies that it was rapidly building up its mass some 750 million years after the Big Bang, when the universe was only about five percent of its present age”, revealed Mobasher.

There are many unidentified galaxies still in the universe and the endeavor of the scientists is to try and locate them and determine whether they pose any sort of threat to earth.

It was also revealed that this discovery has come as a major surprise, because so far, there haven’t been many galaxies discovered from the same distance, having such enormous potential as this one.

In the time to come, it shall be discovered whether there is any sort of threat that this galaxy might tend to pose on earth.

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