Pay More to Eat Unhealthy

Pay More to Eat Unhealthy

It has been revealed by health experts that if there is a ‘fat tax’ implied on food products, it could be helpful in treating the problems of obesity in the country. The entire world is plagued with obesity and there is dire need for the health experts to do something about while there is still time. Fat tax, if exerted on soft drinks, as well as other fattening food products, might hurt the pockets of people.

This is because the brain of a foodie is jammed with thoughts about food, and it won’t make a difference to him/her if there are people shouting over their heads, that they need to stop eating like an elephant.

Money matters however are a different notch altogether, and when one would have to pay more for eating unhealthy and fattening food, people will obviously decrease their junk food consumption and turn towards cheaper and healthier options.

This wise suggestion has been made by a team from the British Journal of Nutrition and they are of the view that fat tax should even be imposed on full fat milk, so it would push the buyers to choose to buy skimmed milk instead. These are just desperate measures to make people take a look in the mirror before they bite into their pizzas. There is need for a global awakening about obesity, as it seems to be gripping people of all social backgrounds, age groups, and communities.

There is need for one and all to understand that they are simply destroying their lives by overloading their stomachs, and there is need for choosing to eat healthier to live along and happy life.

“Legislative measures have already worked in France, where food and drink in schools is controlled and all marketing of foods high in fat, sugar and salt is banned unless they are taxed and marketed with a health warning”, revealed Professor John Wass from the Royal College of Physicians

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