Scottish GP Premises lacking Standards, Claims BMA

Scottish GP Premises lacking Standards, Claims BMA

As per recent reports, it has been revealed that a number of Scottish GPs are constantly being subjected to undue pressure for seeing patients in rooms that are heavily sub-standard. The statements have been revealed recently by the British Medical Association (BMA).

In addition, it has accused the Government of Scotland for apparently failing to meet the standards and resolve the GP crisis in progress at the moment.

The BMA further claimed that it is the duty of council planning departments must take into consideration the influence of fresh housing developments on the health services being offered in the region.

A spokesperson for the government of Scotland said that the government has already made an investment of £75mn in GP practices ever since 2008.

The spokesman further added that a massive £250m of community-oriented health projects were also being offered. The fresh report, which has been made available in the Scottish General Practitioners Committee of the BMA, revealed that the progress has already been made in various important regions in recent times.

But still, it has resulted in highlighting “serious failings in the funding mechanisms for new premises”. In addition, it also claimed that the majority of doctors are still having “concerns over the lack of consideration of health service needs in areas with growing populations”.

The report, in addition, provided the example of Donald Trump, the US tycoon, and his plans of building a golf resort, a hotel in Aberdeenshire along with hundreds of houses, at a time when there was "no allowance" on offer for the sake of GP care.

IN this regard, Dr Dean Marshall, the committee chairman, has revealed that some sound progress has already been seen on major fronts that had been highlighted in a BMA report some two years back.

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