The Miracle Jumping Robo Sand Flea

The Miracle Jumping Robo Sand Flea

As per recent reports, it has been revealed that a video of Sand Flea, which features a robot that has been manufactured by Boston Dynamics, is set to go viral on YouTube.

But still, it has been claimed that you might just get too bored for a few seconds while having a look at the otherwise amazing video, mainly because it has been stated that Sand Flea hardly has anything to magnetize eyeballs.

It is barely an 11 pound robo which has huge plastic wheels which hardly look hi-tech or luxurious, and all what the robo can do is move noisily during the starting to reveal further what seems like a parking lot. Well, it can be said that it is much like a remote-control toy-car.

But later on in the video, Sand Flea arrives near a wall and in place of ramming itself against the vertical surface time and again or swerving away indecently; Sand Flea stops, then he gets up on its two rear-wheels for taking a stance required by the robo for fire a piston that permits it to leap up and over the said wall.

And now, the wheels will star making some sort of sense to you, since they permit Sand Flea to coil and simultaneously making sure nothing breaks on its landing.

After taking a somersault backwards, Sand Flea gets all in readiness for going all over again.

But wait, as the video is yet to reach its climax. The camera then pans back and we can witness Sand Flea facing an even higher wall which is around one full story tall, at least.

No, he couldn't. He wouldn't. But, he does splendidly well once again.

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