Meditation is the Key to a Well Balanced Life

Meditation is the Key to a Well Balanced Life

Meditation, the old technique brought up again to remain calm and patient. An intensive program has been introduced for school teachers to increase their level of patience.

According to sources, 82 female schoolteachers between the ages of 25 and 60 participated in the program.

The study put forward by the University of California – San Francisco (UCSF), was successful in regulating the emotions of the teachers. However, the study was implemented after a meeting with Dalai Lama in which he stated that in this modern world the only way to tackle the problem of harmful emotions is through meditation. He asserted that meditation has been practiced since a very long time and has helped improve psychological problems, self-awareness and clear the mind.

As a consequence, Psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman and Buddhist Scholar Alan Wallace developed a 42-hour, eight-week training program. The program aimed at the old techniques of meditation and developed them in a way that they turned out to be very beneficial for the school teachers. The practices included concentration practices, mindfulness practices and directive practices.

It was discovered by the researchers of the study that the school teachers who became a part of the program felt more at ease. They were able to handle difficult situations calmly and without losing patience, moreover, they even started understanding the feelings of others. They became less stressed, anxious and even depressed. Their level of compassion was even seen increased.

The Lead Author of the study, Margaret Kemeny, Ph. D., Director of the Health Psychology Program in UCSF’s Department of Psychiatry, said “The findings suggest that increased awareness of mental processes can influence emotional behavior. The study is particularly important because opportunities for reflection and contemplation seem to be fading in our fast-paced, technology-driven culture”.

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