A Device That Can Read Your Thoughts

A Device That Can Read Your Thoughts

The technology has been increasing with leaps and bounds and things that were just a part of a sci-fi movies yesterday, are becoming a reality today. People are very familiar the the James Bond movies, in which villain puts a headband on the forehead of the agent to know the secrets that he posses. Well it seems it is not just science fiction.

A company called Neurovigil, based in San Diego has come up with a device in the shape of a head band that can be used to read thought of a person. iBrain when worn around the head can analyze brain waves and map out the data. Lead scientist Philip Low is of the belief that iBrain would soon be able to allow people communicate just be thinking. The group of scientists has also been helped by renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. People like him would very much benefit from this, as it would allow them to communicate.

Hawking acknowledged the work done by the team and congratulated them on this success. According to him they have done a tremendous work in this field and with proper assistance and investment there is a hope to people diagnosed with A. L. S and other neurodegenerative conditions that they might soon be able to communicate.

The testing phase of the device has started and the main aim of the team is to find out whether users can create repeatable patterns with their mind which could be translated using a computer into something like a letter or command. Early results have shown some positive feedbacks. If things go properly then it would create a new sphere of communication for people like Stephen Hawking, who till date were just able to use twitches in their cheeks to communicate.

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