Mortlake People Invited Tomorrow at Wind Farm Plans Meeting

Mortlake People Invited Tomorrow at Wind Farm Plans Meeting

Wind farm plans are being highly debated. Some residents claim that the project can harm the health of the residents in the region whereas the manager of the project urges that the project will benefit the region with more retail income and will also generate employment for the unemployed.

In order to get some decisions over the plans, a community meeting has been scheduled tomorrow night at Mortlake. All the parties will sit and discuss the plans to either go ahead with the 51-turbine wind farm in south of the town or to stop the project planning hereon.

Mortlake residents are claiming that the wind farm plan will affect the health of people. One resident Mrs. Shelley McDonald stated her tension for her husband as she doubts that the farm will harm his health as he is stroke affected patient.

"We have Dr. Sarah Lawrie, and she's head of the Waubra Foundation, an organization specializing in investigating the health impacts of wind turbines in Australia, and also residents that have been affected by wind turbines from Waubra, Cape Bridgewater and Glenthompson”, said Mrs. McDonald.

The AGL's Victorian wind farm operations manager i. e. the former south-west Victorian mayor, Mr. Brendan Ryan, has been authorized for the Macarthur Wind Farm, the largest wind farm plan in the southern hemisphere.

The former mayor of Corangamite Shire, Mr. Ryan has earlier worked in several projects like Yambuck wind farm and many other projects in South Australia as a technician servicing wind turbines.

He clears that the wind farms will help the region’s retail income increase and will also serve people with more employment opportunities. Moreover, he also claims that people will no more have to struggle going to other places to earn their regular incomes. The decision is awaited from tomorrow’s meeting, held at Mortlake’s soldiers’ memorial hall from 7pm onwards.

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