Women Likely To Feel Bad While Buying A Bikini

Women Likely To Feel Bad While Buying A Bikini

In a recent study, it has been claimed that women are more likely to feel negative in case they are shopping for swimsuits. While there is no second thought that women adore shopping, it was found that shopping for swimsuits is indeed an exception. It has been done by a team from the Flinders University, after they find out that 102 women aged between 18 to 29 had felt bad while they shop for bikini as compared to what they felt wearing a pair of jeans.

"It appears that the wearing of bathers is a negative and stressful experience for most women, most likely because so few women can match the current ... thin beauty ideal”, said the study authors, who are of the view that there is huge contribution of dressing rooms too in making women feel negative about themselves. It was told that the shining mirrors and light adds a lot negative vibes in them, thereby making them a lot more susceptible about their looks.

It was also found that women have a tendency to feel insecure about their outer appearance and thought of wearing a bikini simply adds more fire. There are even reports indicating that this peculiar feeling of self-objectification can make women suffer from eating disorders and depression.

With the study getting the attention of one and all, it is believed that there is dire need for the women to change their outlook towards themselves else they would become highly vulnerable to others’ opinions.

There is need for the fairer sex to understand and accept their self worth instead of just harping on their body and looks. It is highly imperative that women look at themselves not just a mere object of pleasure but they have their own personality which is adorable.

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