Newly Found Sub-Glacial Basin at Higher Risk of Collapsing

Newly Found Sub-Glacial Basin at Higher Risk of Collapsing

As per recent findings, it has been revealed that scientists have been able to discover a mile-deep sub glacial basin, lying beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet near the Weddell Sea. It has been proposed that the till now unknown site, is termed to be of similar in size, shape and texture of New Jersey.

However, it has been discovered that the ice sheet is at a high risk of collapsing. Don Blankenship, Senior Research scientist at The University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for Geophysics and Co-Author on the new research said, “With its smooth bed that slopes steeply toward the interior, we could find no other region in West Antarctica more poised for change than this newly discovered basin at the head of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf”.

He asserted that if ice is lost through this site, then it would result in the raise of sea level by a small proportion in comparison to several meters, which will be raised if the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet is destabilized.

Moreover, the researchers compared the data obtained from the newly discovered basin with that of other locations, which are even susceptible to collapsing. Despite presence of less amount of ice stored in this location, it is much closer to tipping point.

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