Lead Alien Hunter Resigns from Post

Lead Alien Hunter Resigns from Post

A recent report has unveiled that Jill Tarter, who had started searching for an extraterrestrial civilization somewhere in the 1970s, is retiring from her post as the director from the Center for SETI Research.

However, the search would still continue, finds the report. Tarter has been the lead alien hunter in the Institute. It is being said that she would now be querying life on Earth instead of the other worlds.

Tarter has spent 35 years in eavesdropping on the stars with an aim to hear the intelligent murmurings of a celestial civilization. But, she now would seek for the funds required for keeping Earth attentive.

The hunter’s curiosity had developed at young age while she was only a graduate. Her ability to program an old computer with a plan to look for whether or not life exists on other worlds led her and her colleagues to find the institute in 1984.

The institute was once funded by NASA, but it still needs more funding to continue the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It has been found that Tarter’s position has now been replaced by Physicist Gerry Harp on May 22.

However, he said, “Jill’s working at least as hard as she ever did before. I think we should acknowledge that she is still very much a part of the program”.

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