Mangoes’ Skin Can Help Fight Obesity

Mangoes’ Skin Can Help Fight Obesity

A group of researchers from the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation has revealed a new way to fight obesity, reveals a recent report.

According to the report, eating mangoes can help in restraining growth of human fat cells. The team had conducted a study in which methanol extracts of peel and flesh of mangoes of three common types, including Nam Doc Mai, Irwin and Kensington Pride, were taken.

While all types did not contribute in inhibiting fat storage inside the body, two forms, including the 'Irwin' and 'Nam Doc' mangoes’ skins showed high concentrations of bioactives helpful in doing so. It has been told that the Kensington Pride instead promoted the growth.

The report has found that the outer skin of the fruit had a different chemical composition as compared to the flesh. It is being said by the team that the chemical analysis of mangoes’ flesh and skin is essential for mango growers and processors, since they always seek to add more value to the fruit.

"We know mangoes have many excellent nutritional properties, but more work needs to done to understand the complex natural compounds found in these and other fruits", says Professor Mike Gidley.

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