Two N.Y. Babies Died After Contracting Herpes through Circumcision

Two N.Y. Babies Died After Contracting Herpes through Circumcision

In a shocking revelation, death of two newborn males in New York City has been confirmed while another nine are told to be hospitalized. All this happened after they were made to go through a unique circumcision ritual. This news has sent shocking signals in the society after it came to notice that they had contracted herpes simplex virus post the so called ritual from November 2000 to December 2011.

It was confirmed that in six of the 11 reported cases, a ritual in the name of metzitzah b'peh was performed which makes the circumciser, or mohel, placing his mouth directly on the newly circumcised penis and further, sucking out blood from the wound. It was told that direct orogenital suction caused enough damage to the newly born.

Apparently, it is believed that this ritual is very much part in some ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities and there are some communities which believe in sucking blood through other means such a glass tube.

"Oral suction of an open wound poses an inherent risk for transmission of herpes simplex virus type 1 and other pathogens to a newborn infant and is not safe”, said the report.

There is need for such practices to be stopped immediately else it would make things all the more serious in the time to come for newly born babies.

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