E-Health Bills Will Improve Health Services

E-Health Bills Will Improve Health Services

The controversial e-Health Bills introduced by the Australian government have passed the parliament, receiving full support of the Coalition, a new report has uncovered.

While the bill was being criticized by some Opposition senators for some privacy concerns, its benefits have overshadowed the criticisms and made it pass the Senate, says the report.

However, the bill is to become a law on July 1. It is being said that before the same, some amendments made in the bill in the last minute may cause it to revisit the Lower House.

As per the e-health law, the records would be kept in computers, which further would allow for a permanent record of patients and easy access to the same at any time.

It has been found that registered records lead to massive medication errors and wrong information about patients. The new law would not only reduce the count of these errors, but would also help in cutting the increased number of hospital admissions due to inadequate records.

The e-health records would be available online 24/7 with the same secured with encrypted passwords. Also, the registrations would be possible through phone as well as Medicare visit.

"The system will bring the management of health records into the 21st century and provide life saving information in emergencies", said the Government.

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