Pilots Warned about Alaska Volcano’s Sudden Eruption

Pilots Warned about Alaska Volcano’s Sudden Eruption

It seems there can be some trouble for aircrafts hovering over southwest of Anchorage, as there are reports that indicate a remote Aleutian volcano became active on Tuesday. For the past one year, it has been silent but it has been showing signs of strong eruptions.

Recent reports from the Alaska Volcano Observatory have alerted one and all about what can happen to aircrafts if in case they travel in such condition. Nonetheless, it is believed that there is nothing much to worry about as intensity of such ash signals is quite weak. "It was just one explosion, which was very typical of the thing Cleveland has been doing in the last year”, said Stephanie Prejean, a U. S. Geological Survey seismologist at the observatory in Anchorage.

It is believed that there are chances that explosion can affect aircrafts travelling. It was also found that an ash cloud was seen building some 35,000 feet above sea level. It is believed that Cleveland is one of the most active Alaska's volcanoes but still there is no on-site seismic monitoring equipment.

In any case, warning has been sent in the same context so that necessary precautions can be taken by pilots’ flying over the region.

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