Positive news in cancer survival rates in NSW

Positive news in cancer survival rates in NSW

According to a recently-released Cancer Institute NSW report, the period of between 2002 and 2006 witnessed an increase in cancer survival rates in New South Wales; with the state now having the best cancer survival rates in the world.

As per the report - titled ‘Cancer Survival in NSW 2002-2006 -, the chances of beating cancer over the next five-year period has now increased to nearly 64.4 percent for patients who have been diagnosed with the disease.

The improvement in the cancer survival rates are noteworthy, especially in the wake of the fact that, around three decades back, the odds of survival for cancer patients was less than 50-50 after five years.

Revealing that the last few decades have witnessed a lot of improvement in cancer treatments, Professor David Currow - the chief of the Cancer Institute of NSW – said that people who were diagnosed on cancer in the early 80s had merely a 49 percent chance of survival after five years.

Noting that the chances of survival after five years increases up to 84 percent if cancer is diagnosed before it spreads, Currow said: "People across New South Wales should take personal action in the fight against cancer by making sure they participate in the relevant free screening programs available across the state.”

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