Breastfeeding Mum Should Not Eat Nuts, It can Cause Allergy to your Child

Breastfeeding Mum Should Not Eat Nuts, It can Cause Allergy to your Child

In Australia, nut allergies, is a very common problem. Here, a large number of young children suffer from this illness and parents and doctors have been left frustrated of choosing specific foods and medications for them.

Year by year, the ratio of children reacting negatively to nuts is, increasing all over the country. In last 20 years, there has been seen a sharp rise in nut allergic children. This has brought a major stress over their parents, child care centers and on schools.

In a latest study conducted by the leading allergy expert, Emily Bourke, of Australia, it has been claimed that to a great extent breastfeeding is linked with nut allergy. It never proves breastfeeding to be harmful for them or not beneficial for children younger than six months but it just explains that mums who eat nuts during breastfeeding or during their pregnancy period have higher chances of transferring those nut proteins into the children which in later stage cause allergy from nuts to them.

According to Emily Bourke breast milk itself is not the culprit; it is the traces of nuts contained in it.

For conducting this study, Emily analyzed 15,000 kids and found the overall peanut allergy to be around 3.2%. Apart from peanuts, other nuts had an allergic ratio of 3.9%.

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