Beautiful and Grand Spiral Galaxy Amazes Researchers

Beautiful and Grand Spiral Galaxy Amazes Researchers

Astronomers were trying to shoot those 300 very far away Galaxies from the earth surface with the help of the Hubble Telescope when they saw a majestic spiral galaxy. According to the findings reported in the July 19 copy of research journal Nature, scientists say they were looking out for this discovery from pretty early times and now since they have got it, they are trying to reorganize the entire concept in regard of the formation of these florid structures.

According to astronomers, this galaxy appears similar to what those looked 10.7 billion years ago. So it seems to be the ancient one. At that time, our universe was only 3 billion years old.

Researchers are quite happy and excited to discover this galaxy because it’s been so many decades and centuries in fact, that they have witnesses such a grand-design spiral galaxy.

As said by Alice Shapley of the University of California Los Angeles, and co-author of the study, “As you go back in time to the early uni­verse, galaxies look really strange, clumpy and irregular, not symmetric”.

Today, most of the old galaxies appear similar to that of train wrecks and therefore while seeing this one, the researchers and astronomers were quite surprised and amazed to see such a different and beautiful galaxy.

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