Airports Deemed To Be Contaminated With Germs

Airports Deemed To Be Contaminated With Germs

A recent research has alleged that busy airports of New York, Los Angles and of the US can spread numerous diseases. The research was conducted by the researchers of Massachusetts MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. During the research, the researchers studied as to how human movement can boost the spread of pandemic.

It has been found that the outbreak of 2003, SARS might have been boosted by the air travelers. The researchers examined the airports of the US and found that New York’s JFK airport is highly contagious when it comes to the spread of diseases.

Next to it, Honolulu International airport is also found to be affected with a number of diseases. The rush at the airports can spread diseases. The findings of the researchers have clearly highlighted that travelers need to be extra careful while travelling.

The findings of the researchers have been published in the journal PLoS One. It is hoped that the findings of the researchers would help in preventing the spread of pandemic. Besides, the authorities can be encouraged to provide vaccination at the airports so that the pandemic could be put under control.

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