The Big Knit Campaign to Keep Elderly Warm

The Big Knit Campaign to Keep Elderly Warm

In order to make sure that there are enough funds for winter projects, Age UK Gloucestershire has initialed Big Knit campaign in the UK. The programme aims to encourage people to take part in the campaign and knit woolen hats for them.

For every woolen hat being sold to tie-up shops, the charity will get 25p, which will help the latter to organize winter services smoothly. Christina Snell, who is the Chief Officer, said, “Winter can be a difficult time of year for many older people, so it's really important that knitters get behind The Big Knit to help raise funds”.

Snell said that the UK witnesses a really bone chilling cold, and in that scenario, it is very important that old people should remain warm and have cozy feeling. The money raised from the campaign will ensure the same.

The organizers were of the view that there are chances that people know knitting, but they would have forgotten patterns and details. In order to help them, the charity has also put several designs on their official website.

In addition, if people do not know knitting, but they want to contribute then they can donate wool and needles at the charities nearby office.

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