Concerns over Rising Levels of Sea at Tybee Island

Concerns over Rising Levels of Sea at Tybee Island

As sea level is rising, Tybee Island in Georgia is thinking ways by which it can keep the coastal dry. Efforts are being made to ensure that things remain under control till end.

This is the reason that officials have been selected from University of Georgia and from Georgia Sea Grant will be working with local population to impart them enough knowledge to deal with the crisis and also, how can they avert the situation with individual contribution.

Some of the areas where they would be working are identification of areas where floods, storms and beach erosions can take place. Meanwhile, it also got revealed through local media that sea level has rise by six inches at Fort Pulaski.

Recommended solutions to the problem are elevating the levels of roads, shifting people from most risky places and building, so that it stop water and work as an absorber also. Planting of trees would also help, as they are also quite effective in stopping the water.

Mayor Jason Buelterman was of the view that there is time and they have ample of enough information on the basis of which they can take wise decisions to control the situation from taking ugly turning.

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