Behavior of House Cats under Scanner

Behavior of House Cats under Scanner

During a recent study, the researchers of Georgia University have found that house kitties are more violent as compared to what was predicted earlier. It has come to light that on weekly basis, the house cat kills two animals.

For the study, the researchers attached a small camera to the house cats. The camera was attached to monitor the activities of the cats. The findings shocked the advocates of wildlife. It is believed that the violent behavior of the cats have led to a decline in the population of American birds.

The researchers of the University said, “The previous estimates were probably too conservative because they didn't include the animals that cats ate or left behind”. It has further been found that house cats eat only 30% of their prey and leaves the 40% to rot on the place where they died.

The researchers have found that lizards, snakes and frogs are the most popular prey of the cats. Birds, chipmunks and voles pertain to 25% of the total preying of the cats. For the study, about 60 cat owners were contacted. The researchers have concluded the study saying that the peculiar behavior of cats can put them in trouble as they keep on consuming things from the roadside.

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