3 Historic Coins on sale at Melbourne-based Auction

3 Historic Coins on sale at Melbourne-based Auction

Monday night is going to be really exciting in Melbourne as an auction of three Australian rare coins is going to take place. Auctioneer Warren Joel wanted a fast bidding, so he opted for an auction on Monday night.

"There's always the excitement of the auction. [But] from an auctioneer's point of view, we really don't want people getting too carried away”, said Joel.

The three rare coins include the Holey Dollar, which has a Hannibal head and was being created in 1813 with a motive to reduce Australia's coin shortage. The coin has a special history, as it was being prepared using the 40,000 Spanish coins, which were given by then Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

In addition, two other coins, which will also be find a place in the auction are Australia’s first ever gold coin, which was being made in 1852 and was named as Adelaide pound. The third coin, which will put up auction, is Colonial Dumps, which were available in 1813.

Among all the three coins, the Holey Dollar will be much in the interest of bidders, as it has the best quality. Joel said that they are expecting that the coin bidding could fetch them as much as more than $1 million at the auction.

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