Contaminated Mangoes Recalled

Contaminated Mangoes Recalled

It has been reported that Daniella brand mangoes have been recalled from the markets of western Canada. The mangoes have been recalled as they were suspected of being contaminated with Salmonella.

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the contaminated mangoes are in the market from July 12 to Aug 24. Besides, people have even reported of having fallen ill after consuming it.

It has been informed that the contaminated fruit might not spell and taste foul but can cause health risks to people with weak immune system. In healthy people, the bacteria can cause headache, fever and vomiting.

People have been advised not to consume the contaminated food unless and until the authorities make an announcement. The fruit has been recalled by the importers. It has been informed that about 22 people have fallen ill after consuming the contaminate mangoes in BC and seven people in Albert have seriously fallen ill.

Investigation over the cause behind the contamination will be held by the importers. It is hoped that the mysteries behind the contamination will be unveiled soon. People have been advised to throw the mangoes after raping in the plastic bag.

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