Deep-Sea Trawling Ruining Seabed; Harming Marine Species

Deep-Sea Trawling Ruining Seabed; Harming Marine Species

A new study conducted by a group of analysts at the Marine Sciences Institute in Barcelona has been claiming that bottom trawling by many fishermen is not only harming marine life, but seabed is being destroyed as well to a large extent.

The study had been conducted in collaboration with researchers from the University of Barcelona, which has also signaled that sediment of the sea floor had got relocated. Also, the same had turned more flat with the passage of time.

It is being said that the main reason behind species-harm is nets are dragged across the sea floor to gather fish – stirs, bringing them up the sediment. The same pollutes plankton, creating oxygen-deficient dead zones by entering the food chain.

Uncovering that the damage was even worse than that a farmland can realize in terms of erosion of soil by intensive farming, the report was published this Wednesday in the journal Nature. "Bottom trawling has been compared to forest clear-cutting, although our results suggest that a better comparison might be intensive agricultural activities", said the team.

The trend deep-sea trawling had become industrialized in industrialized in the 1960s and it has been found that to date some 180 large bottom trawlers are operating deep down to more than 800 metres.

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