Govt allows Killing of Badgers

Govt allows Killing of Badgers

The population of badgers is increasing at a fast pace in the areas of West England, due to which a large number of bovine tuberculosis (TB) cases in cattle had come to notice. Considering this, the government has finally permitted the farmers and landowners (with license) to shoot badgers in the night hours. With this four-year long scheme, government aims in reducing the badger population by 70% and then sustaining it at 30%.

With regard to this, the Badger Trust even set a Court of Appeal restricting officials to cull the badgers as this is purely cruel and unfair to kill thousands of animals this way, but the same was rejected. Within a few days, the government will initiate the process of cull in the West of England.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the steer culls will surely help tackling the problem in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset.

While opposing the decision, trust questioned the government and the law to state some logical consent which could prove that by taking lives of these innocent animals the region will become flee from the disease. It further blamed that it is nothing else but just a ‘pointless killing’ of 40,000 animals.

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