Hospital Staff’s Delay Caused Twins Death: Probe

Hospital Staff’s Delay Caused Twins Death: Probe

A Coroner investigation has found that the Aberdare Hospital, Rhondda Cynon Taf, was unable to provide timely service to a pregnant woman. This was the reason that she had to lose her twins.

Nicola Singleton from Sully was taken to the hospital with severe stomach pain. Her conditions were such that she needed emergency Caesarean section, but the hospital staff made two-hour delay in delivering the babies.

It was found that Singleton gave birth to a stillborn son and her daughter was in a serious condition. Through the use of resuscitation methods, her daughter Esme was able to breathe, but doctors informed parents that she had suffered severe brain damage.

Knowing the condition of Esme, parents decided to switch off the life-supporting system. Coroner Louise Hunt, who carried out the investigation, was of the view that the two-hour delay was enough to do a loss of this level.

The hospital should have handled the matter as urgent. On the other hand, the hospital staff has said that they had committed a mistake and there were loopholes in their care and service provision. They have even apologized to the parents who are in an inconsolable state. Parents were of the view that it would be better that the hospital should learn a lesson from the incident.

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