Novel Study on Breast Cancer

Novel Study on Breast Cancer

Researchers across the globe thought that understanding breast cancer is not an easy task. Now doubt about the same, but study researchers from the government-project the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), have different views on the issue.

They were of the view that it is not difficult to understand about the cancer. In order to simplify things for themselves as well as for other researchers, they have assessed 507 patients, who were suffering from breast cancer.

The study, which has also been published in the journal Nature, has found 30,626 different mutations, which can be roughly divided into four groups. Co-author of the study Charles Perou, who is a Professor of genetics and pathology and has been working at the University of North Carolina, was of the view that they are happy to know some more detailed information about breast cancer.

He further affirmed that it seems that they now have been getting into the roots of breast cancer. Another co-author of the study Matthew Ellis, who is a Professor of medicine and oncology and has been working at Washington University, affirmed that the study findings seems to be acting as a ray of hope for them. There is no doubt that they have got to know many more things about breast cancer.

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