Significant Rise in Sale of Anti-Depressant Pills

Significant Rise in Sale of Anti-Depressant Pills

Official figures have revealed that there has been a tremendous rise in number of people who are on anti-depressants. Though there has been a rise in the intake of anti-depressants across all age groups, women are found to be leading the number.

It has been found that twice as many women as men are found to be taking the pills. In total, 483,431 women have been taking pills in comparison to 234,899 men.

The report stated, "Depending on its severity, this may be accompanied by unusual or bizarre behaviour, as well as difficulty with social interaction and impairment in carrying out daily life activities".

In addition, it has also been revealed that it is not necessary that all people have been taking ant-depressants for depression. There are many other conditions as well for which one is prescribed these anti-depressants.

What may the reason of such a rise, it has been revealed that the sale of these pills has increased a lot. As per the report, the sale of anti-depressants has increased from 1.26 million drugs in 1993-94 to 5.01 million in 2011-12. A Scottish government spokeswoman said that they will be looking into the matter and will take suitable action.

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