Unpleasant Sounds Include Women’s Scream, Says Study

Unpleasant Sounds Include Women’s Scream, Says Study

Many sounds are disliked by humans, which include the scream of a woman. A recent study found that women’s screams are counted among the 10 most unpleasant sounds. The findings of the study have been published in the renowned pages of the Journal of Neuroscience.

The study was funded by the UK's Wellcome Trust. Researchers threw light over the process that takes place when a sound is uttered.

According to scientists of Newcastle University, when a sound is produced, an interaction between a particular region of brain that is responsible for producing sound, cortex and the amygdala takes place. The amygdala is region where negative emotions take place when an unpleasant sound is heard.

According to the researches, “When we hear an unpleasant noise, the amygdala modulates the response of the auditory cortex heightening activity and provoking our negative reaction”. There are numerous sounds that are unpleasant to the ears of humans. These sounds include sound produced by a knife on bottles, by fork on the plate and the sound of chock scratching the blackboard. However, the laugher of a baby was found to be the most pleasant sounds during the study.

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