Pregnant Woman-Bosses May Pay Pretty Female staff Less: Study

Pregnant Woman-Bosses May Pay Pretty Female staff Less: Study

A team of psychologists at the Wellesley College in the US has been warning following a recent study that you should not ask for a pay rise, especially when your female boss is expecting. It is being said that pretty and attractive women should be highly careful regarding the same.

The study findings sound strange, but the same are based on a test carried out on women. It was an economic game, which a woman had to complete with a virtual partner, on-screen. Making an offer to her partner, the woman had to offer a particular sum.

Also, the rest of the amount was to be kept with herself. Following the same, the partner’s attractiveness was tested on a scale of 10 points. It was then discovered that women at fertility or peak fertility, were competing their attractive counterparts the most. Even smaller amounts were being offered by these women to their partners.

It is being said that the war was just like that between Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, playing the warring duo. “What we found supports the idea that, among women, competitiveness during periods of high fertility is linked to the withholding of resources from potential rivals”, said Dr. Margery Lucas.

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