Pharmacies May Soon Provide Cannabis in Australia

Pharmacies May Soon Provide Cannabis in Australia

A recent report showed how Pharmacists may soon be able to supply cannabis to patients who are dealing with multiple sclerosis and cancer. However, it all depends on if the TGA allows so.

It has been confirmed that a phase-three trial of the cannabis mouth spray with Australian doctors is going on by GW Pharmaceuticals, which if passed would be able to license Sativex in Australia. On the same lines, Kos Sclavos, Pharmacy Guild of Australia national president, backed the idea of dispensing cannabis to serious patients. He was apparently speaking at the Pharmacy Business Network conference in Canberra last month, on the same issue, in order to streamline use of drugs like marijuana for patients who are seriously in the need.

He highlighted the role of pharmacies in dispensing medicinal marijuana in order to deal with the larger issue of decriminalising illicit drugs. There are pharmacies in California where medicinal marijuana is legal, and that's the example which must be adopted in Asutralia. He further added about pharmacies that "they know about our work with Project STOP, real-time monitoring, they know it can be recorded, the audit trail and all those other things".

It would be worth seeing how this issue is being resolved and if and when rules are being molded for the betterment of the system.

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