Quit Smoking before 30, Suggest Researchers

Quit Smoking before 30, Suggest Researchers

A recent study carried out by the World Oncology Forum in Lugano, Switzerland, published in the Lancet, has been claiming that women who quit smoking before the age of 30 years become able to extend their lives.

It is being said that such women prevent the occurrence of their deaths by some 97%, which is a big deal. More than one million women were recruited by the group and it has also been found that the ones who gave up their evil habit of smoking tended to live for a period of 9 extra years.

However, it is never too late to quit smoking since; you will be benefitted in some way or the other. But, the team affirms that at middle age, it is best to leave the same. The researchers also add that the ones, who suffer a stroke while they are smokers, are more likely to get another stroke or heart attack. Sometimes, they may even face death.

It has been told that it is only ex-smokers, who did better after a stroke as well. "If we convince people that smoking is going to have a big impact not only in their life span, but also in quality of life, that's the most important message", director of the Center for Tobacco Control Patricia Folan was quoted as saying.

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