McDonald’s Monthly Sales on Decline

McDonald’s Monthly Sales on Decline

For the first time in the past nine years, McDonald's Corp. has experienced a plunge in its monthly sales. The growing competitions in the market and the global financial meltdown have begun to show its impact over McDonald's Corp. as well.

It has been reported that the monthly sales of McDonald's Corp. have plunged by 1.8% as compared to previous months. Overall, a downward trend of 2.2% on the annual basis has been seen in the total sales of McDonald's Corp. this year.

The Chief Executive of McDonald's, Don Thompson, has said that the global financial meltdown, to some extent, has led to the loss in the sales of McDonald's Corp. Analyst Nick Setyan from Wedbush Securities said, "In a category that isn't growing very much, they can't keep developing at the same pace they have been".

It is believed that because of the loss in the monthly sales, McDonald's would temporarily be removing some of the food items from its menu. McDonald's had been trying really hard to overcome the recession in the US by advertising its new food items like Cheddar Bacon Onion sandwiches. But, recession and growing market competitions have pushed down its sales.

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